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    The process of selling and / or buying a house or property can be very complex.

    Most people find it easier to have an agent by their side. Paperwork can be extreme and it can be helpful to have someone that knows the process to deal with the ins and outs of it.

    Parts within the transaction happen quickly. They can involve hiring inspectors, surveyors, and others negotiating over who pays for what while keeping up good relations with the sellers and buyers and more.

    For those selling, we have multiple resources for selling your property that normal homeowners don't normally have access to. Although selling your property is never guaranteed, the odds are so much greater with the extra resources available to us.

    With experience comes good contacts with good inspectors, mortgage loan brokers, and others who can make your selling or buying process easier.

    We would like to be your Real Estate agent/s. If we can help you. Please give us a call.

    From all of us
    Thank you,

    Jerry Earlywine

    Beth Earlywine - Owner - 870-830-1876

    Jerry Earlywine - Principle Broker - 870-830-0733

    Justin Crosby - Sales Associate - 870-344-3030

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